The Estate

Our History Comes From Afar

The ownership of the land date a few years, having gone through several families, but the Company appears in 1998, when it brings to market the first wines “Quinta de Mademe”.


Manuel Faria, an economist with local notoriety, a man of great business activity was the major driver of this business, following his family’s practices, of farmers and owners of a small farm.

This entrepreneur has today in one of his sons, Sérgio Faria, the guarantee of a process of growth and continuity of an agricultural Company dominated by vineyards, but where the kiwi production emerges as a complementarity of their estate.

In the last 20 years adjacent fractions were acquired in a land consolidation process, followed by the preparation of these lands for cultivation and installation of the respective production structure – vineyards and orchards – a total area of about 50 ha, divided into several estates, occupied by vineyards, orchards and forests.


The estate produces quality wines dominated by the white grape varieties Loureiro, Arinto, Azal and Averse, and has in its Albariño / Trajadura one of the best lots. The diversity of wines is complemented with ‘rosé’ based on the Espadeiro varieties, Touriga Nacional and Padeiro de Basto.
Its main features are its freshness, its fruity and slightly acidic flavor that makes it especially recommended for dishes based on fish and seafood.
The production capabilities and processing points to 200 thousand bottles of Vinho Verde and Regional Minho, marketed largely in the regional market for restaurants and individuals, particularly in the portuguese emigration market.


The export side is being developed in foreign markets in order to create interest in the unique characteristics of green wine.

This work is performed in the sense that there is an increase in the percentage of sales to the export market, taking into account that we are in fact a business, not of large production, but of higher selected quality.

The presence in test sessions and presentation of wines in Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, among others, brings an export increase for wines “Quinta de Maderne”.

This is The Green Wine Region

Our green wines are exclusively produced in the demarcated region of Vinho Verde, and are produced only from indigenous grape varieties of the region, preserving its typical characteristics of aromas and flavors as differentiators worldwide.


An Overview Of The Estate “Quinta De Maderne”

Our infrastructure and eco system.